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Moritz Schmid, MSc

Moritz Schmid

Building D2, Entrance E, Level 1



Biographical Sketch

Moritz Schmid is a Teaching and Research Associate and PhD candidate affiliated with the Institute for Public Management and Governance at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. He holds a BA in Governance and Public Policy from the University of Passau (Germany) and a MSc in Economics with a major in Macroeconomic Policy from the Catholic University of Portugal (Católica-Lisbon). Prior to his current position at the institute, he gained experience at research departments of public sector institutions such as the National Bank of Austria, the Federation of Austrian Industries or the Bank of Portugal.

Research Interests

Moritz Schmid’s research interests revolve around the managerial and governance challenges that public sector organisations and bureaucratic entities are currently facing. He is particularly interested in assessing the effects that technological advances have on public service processes and their interactions with citizens by means of quantitative methods.