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Teaching and training in PA

Teaching and training in public administration

In this research cluster, we focus on the teaching-research nexus in public management, administration and governance education and training. We aim at enriching the academic discussion as well as pointing out solutions to tackle today's challenges in practice.

Relevant publications

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Networks and Activities

  • EGPA Permanent Study Group IX: Teaching Public Administration  (Chairs: Ian Elliot, Monika Knassmüller, Peter Marks)
    The Permanent Study Group “Teaching Public Administration” was initiated at the 2005 EGPA Conference in Berne, Switzerland. It aims to offer a platform for researching, discussing and disseminating recent findings, trends and experiences in education and training within the public sector.

  • TPAM | Teaching Public Administration and Management (Organizing Committee: Monika Knassmüller, Peter Marks, Michal Sedlacko)
    TPAM (aka Copenhagen Forum, founded in 1996) is an international network of academic specialists in PA/PM research and teaching, particularly at postgraduate level. One core activity is the annual three-day workshop that provides excellent opportunities to exchange research findings as well as experiences, ideas and approaches on teaching and learning in our field with a group of like-minded and mutually supportive colleagues. Furthermore, the network aims to support the publication of the contributions in respected journals and/or edited volumes.