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The Institute for Nonprofit Management at WU Vienna develops, disseminates, and teaches high-quality insights that address organizational challenges of nonprofit organizations, civic engagement, and the nonprofit sector.

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A Test for the Welfare-Partnership: Austria’s Nonprofit Human Service Organizations in Times of Covid-19

The pandemic has impeded Austrian NPHSOs on multiple levels: service delivery, income streams, costs, and human resources. To analyze the consequences, we tackle two questions:

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Charitable Giving in Times of Covid-19: Do Crises Forward the Better or the Worse in Individuals?

Why did some individuals react to the Covid-19 crisis in a pro-social manner, whereas others withdrew from society? To shed light onto this question, we investigated changing patterns of charitable…

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New edition just published: Handbuch der Nonprofit-Organisation

Der NPO-Klassiker für alle Aktiven im NPO-Management. Hrsg.: Michael Meyer, Ruth Simsa, Christoph Badelt

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Business-Like and Still Serving Society?

Investigating the Relationship Between NPOs Being Business-Like and Their Societal Roles.

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