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The Institute for Nonprofit Management at WU Vienna develops, disseminates, and teaches high-quality insights that address organizational challenges of nonprofit organizations, civic engagement, and the nonprofit sector.

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Political parties and civil society in the media - An analysis of Austrian daily newspapers from 2016-2021

Wie häufig wird über Zivilgesellschaftliche Bewegungen in österreichischen Tageszeitungen berichtet? Wie verhält sich das zu den politischen Parteien? Dazu haben Julia Litofcenko und Michael Meyer…

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Leila Cornips visits the Public Governance Institute at the KU Leuven

From September to November 2023, Leila Cornips has visited the Public Governance Institute at the KU Leuven (Belgium). She engaged with a diverse group of scholars and researchers, and worked on…

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Congratulations on the successful Defensio Dissertationis: Julia Litofcenko

Mapping Civil Society: A political perspective through the lens of automated text analysis

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Philanthropy during COVID-19: Learnings and recommendations for philanthropic organizations navigating crisis

This practice paper articulates the key learnings for philanthropic organizations based on their experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Which actions can philanthropic organizations take to best…

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Civil Society in Vienna. Sediments of a Long History

"Doing good or doing it better? Philanthropy between Criticism and Recognition" In the anthology edited by Georg von Schnurbein, you will find contributions from a lecture series on philanthropy…