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The Institute for Nonprofit Management at WU Vienna develops, disseminates, and teaches high-quality insights that address organizational challenges of nonprofit organizations, civic engagement, and the nonprofit sector.

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Inequality in Volunteering: Building a New Research Front

Volunteering research focuses predominantly on predicting participation in volunteering, proceeding from the quasi-hegemonic foundation of resource theory and dominant-status theory. Empirical…

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“Being” or “becoming”? Exploring organizational myths from “talents” to “disabled”

In early May, NPO Austria invited Daniel Semper and Alexander Fleischmann to discuss with practitioners from a broad array of NPOs their recent research: A model that describes how institutional myths…

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How does socioeconomic inequality affect individuals’ civic engagement?

Though a growing body of multidisciplinary literature has started to address the relationship between socioeconomic inequality and civic engagement, empirical results vary considerably, and…

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How Nonprofits Make Sense of Corporate Volunteering

Corporate volunteering is an increasingly common type of nonprofit-business collaboration and can take various forms. While the benefits of corporate volunteering for the business partner are well…

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Aligning interests within divergent accountabilities? Case Analysis based on the first Social Impact Bond in Austria

Using in-depth longitudinal case analysis and drawing from agency theory and resource dependence theory, Reinhard Millner and Michael Meyer examine interest alignment among partners over the lifespan…