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The Institute for Nonprofit Management at WU Vienna develops, disseminates, and teaches high-quality insights that address organizational challenges of nonprofit organizations, civic engagement, and the nonprofit sector.

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Business-Like and Still Serving Society?

Investigating the Relationship Between NPOs Being Business-Like and Their Societal Roles.

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Toward a Better Understanding of Social Origins Theory: A Historical Narrative of Vienna’s Civil Society Organizations

Social origins theory explains variation between civil societies by power relations between socioeconomic classes and by path dependencies. There have been few systematic reflections on which…

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Inequality in Volunteering: Building a New Research Front

Volunteering research focuses predominantly on predicting participation in volunteering, proceeding from the quasi-hegemonic foundation of resource theory and dominant-status theory. Empirical…

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“Being” or “becoming”? Exploring organizational myths from “talents” to “disabled”

In early May, NPO Austria invited Daniel Semper and Alexander Fleischmann to discuss with practitioners from a broad array of NPOs their recent research: A model that describes how institutional myths…