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The Institute for Nonprofit Management at WU Vienna develops, disseminates, and teaches high-quality insights that address organizational challenges of nonprofit organizations, civic engagement, and the nonprofit sector.

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Philanthropy during COVID-19: Learnings and recommendations for philanthropic organizations navigating crisis

This practice paper articulates the key learnings for philanthropic organizations based on their experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Which actions can philanthropic organizations take to best…

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From Home to Heaven: The Spatial Imaginaries of Nonprofit Organizations

We investigate how nonprofit organizations (NPOs) construct imaginaries of their premises, their local environment, and beyond.

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Nonprofits for Cohesive Cities: Neighborhood Characteristics, Organizational Practices, and their Effects on Social ...

Nonprofit organizations (NPOs) play an important role in strengthening urban communities by bringing people together and linking citizens with institutional resources. In our study, we wanted to…

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A Test for the Welfare-Partnership: Austria’s Nonprofit Human Service Organizations in Times of Covid-19

The pandemic has impeded Austrian NPHSOs on multiple levels: service delivery, income streams, costs, and human resources. To analyze the consequences, we tackle two questions:

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Charitable Giving in Times of Covid-19: Do Crises Forward the Better or the Worse in Individuals?

Why did some individuals react to the Covid-19 crisis in a pro-social manner, whereas others withdrew from society? To shed light onto this question, we investigated changing patterns of charitable…