Since 2002 WU runs an Institutional Repository ePubWU that gives WU researchers a platform to publish their academic papers and research findings online according to the Open Access principle. The repository can be used as an electronic archive as well as for primary or secondary publication of scholarly outputs.

The electronic documents published on ePubWU are marked up with standardized metadata, which ensures that they are discoverable through search engines globally and cited correctly. Several interfaces facilitate data exchange between WU-internal databases Bach and FIDES. The interface between FIDES and ePubWU is explained in detail in the FIDES user manual (in German only).

Since summer 2015 ePubWU is compatible with the European Commission's requirements for archiving research publications from publicly funded projects. This service is integrated with the European research portal OpenAIRE.

In the ePubWU repository different types of materials are stored, mainly working papers, articles and theses. Items may be removed at the request of the author or copyright holder, but this is strongly discouraged. If necessary, an updated version may be deposited as a new item. Documents are formally checked by the repository management before they are made publicly visible.

ePubWU is further for used for electronic submission of dissertation abstracts. This procedure is regulated in the statute of WU Vienna, §34 Abs. (7) and (8). The details on dissertation filled in via ePubWU are supplied for reference in the library catalogue and not made public otherwise. However, authors are free to publish the full-text of their dissertation in ePubWU at own wish. For this purpose you can simply upload the electronic version (PDF) of your dissertation along with the abstract. More information and guidelines for uploading can be found here.

Bachelor’s and master’s theses are not published as individual papers, but rather included in series of moderated working papers. If you are interested in starting a new series, please contact the Open Access team at the library.