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Borrowing Equipment

WU employees and students can borrow various portable devices for courses or events at WU campus free of charge. Equipment can be reserved online via ReserWUtion.

In certain cases, WU employees can also receive loaner equipment from our loaner pool free of charge. For further information, please see Workplace computer and Notebook on the intranet.

Free loaner equipment

Generally, WU event and teaching rooms come with basic media equipment.

Additional equipment such as laptop computers, projectors, DVD drives etc. can be reserved online via ReserWUtion.


Please choose the borrowing period carefully so that there is enough time for setup and transit. Reserving equipment for periods longer than the originally agreed rental time is not allowed.

Reservation form

Picking up and returning of devices

Reserved devices can be picked up and returned at the at the IT Service Desk (located in the TC) during opening hours.


Where can I use loaner equipment?

Who is allowed to use ReserWUtion?

Where can I reserve flipcharts and pinboards?

Where can I get pens for courses?

Rental terms and conditions (for loaner equipment free of charge)