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Conducting Surveys

WU employees can request online surveys. Authorized WU students or WU employees then design the forms and conduct their surveys on the web. Potential participants are invited via email.


LimeSurvey is a free and open source tool that allows you to create and conduct surveys. IT-SERVICES provides the software without any further verification - in particular there is no detailed security check of the source code. This is not necessary for the simple gathering of empirical data. Personal and sensitive data shall not be collected with LimeSurvey!

Request a survey

WU students

LimeSurvey is available to all WU students writing a Master's or Bachelor's thesis at WU. Your thesis advisor must request the tool on your behalf first: request new survey (LimeSurvey).

WU employees

Please submit a support request for a new survey using LimeSurvey and specify:

  • Type of survey installation
    Defines who gets administrative access to the survey.

  • Survey name
    English, as short as possible, describing the project (no special characters!). The name is part of the public link to your survey.

Creating a survey

The login data to your LimeSurvey instance will be sent to you by email.

Change the password when you log in for the first time!
This way you make sure that only authorized persons can edit the survey and view the data.

For further steps we recommend the LimeSurvey Manual in English. YouTube also provides some helpful video tutorials.

Furthermore, specific topics are addressed in the FAQ section down below.
If you encounter other difficulties, please contact us via email to

Inviting participants

We recommend that you send the invitations via your email client. This will allow you to design the text freely. With the mail merge function you can create individualized invitations and send them in compliance with GDPR (in German: DSGVO).

To send your survey to WU students, please use the mailing list Its use is subject to certain specifications and restrictions - please refer to the related FAQ entry for details. Please keep in mind that WU students can unsubscribe from the mailing list. It is therefore not guaranteed that you will reach all members of your intended target group.


Mailing list "Umfragen" (i.e. surveys) - which rules apply?

What features does LimeSurvey offer?

Can students also use other survey tools?

Where is the collected data or the survey form stored?

Can the default language of the survey be changed?

Is LimeSurvey suitable for academic research projects?

Can I use LimeSurvey in courses?

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Talk with WU's Chatbot