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Streaming allows you to broadcast events to any location at WU (e.g. lecture halls in the Teaching Center) or to the internet.

Event Streaming

Events can be transmitted from the following rooms:

  • Ceremonial Hall 1, Learning Center

  • Ceremonial Hall 2, Learning Center

  • Forum, Learning Center

  • Audimax, Teaching Center

Streaming to the Internet is provided in such a way that the video stream can easily be integrated into a website - a simultaneous recording is possible as well. Please note: for streaming a video from rooms other than those mentioned above, an additional master audio mix is also needed.


If you want to request the streaming of an event, contact us at least 15 days before the event by sending an email to We are also happy to answer questions about the technical implementation.

Lecturecast Services

Lecturecast Services are provided in cooperation between LEARN and IT-SERVICES. These include

  • Lecture Recording: is used to record courses or individual lecture elements (e.g. expert lectures, student presentations). The video (= lecturecast) will then be available to students on LEARN.

  • Web Streaming: Teachers can make their courses available as a live stream on LEARN after having made the announcement. Only students who are registered for the course can watch the stream.

  • In-House Streaming: Courses with a large number of listeners can be streamed from one lecture hall to a second lecture hall. In-House Streams are broadcast from specially equipped classrooms in buildings TC, LC, D2 and D5 to large classrooms in building TC.

Requests & further information

More details on Lecturecast Services are provided on WU's learning platform LEARN and on the website for teaching coordination & infrastructure: