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Conducting Surveys

IT-SERVICES supports WU employees and graduate students in conducting online surveys.


We set up your own instance of our open source tool "LimeSurvey" on one of our servers. There, you and / or your graduate students can create and carry out surveys. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

If you want to conduct a survey and need further information, please send an email to

Lime-Survey currently offers
  • Unlimited number of surveys at the same time

  • Unlimited number of participants in a survey

  • More than 30 different types of questions that can be customized via question attributes

  • Three different survey modes (question-for-question, group-by-group, all in one)

  • Support in more than 50 different languages in frontend and backend

  • WYSIWYG HTML editor for easy formatting of text blocks and integration of tables, graphics, etc.

  • Quotas management

  • Defining optional conditions for questions based on earlier answers

  • Creation of a printable survey version

  • Re-usable editable answer templates

  • Integration of pictures, movies or different types of multimedia content into a survey

  • Ready-made question templates for different applications

  • Assessment surveys, giving feedback to users at the end of a survey

  • Defining evaluation rules to assign points to individual responses and providing users with a predefined feedback at the end of the survey

  • Anonymous and Not-Anonymous surveys

  • Surveys with open and closed user groups

  • Sending of invitations, reminders, and access keys for a survey

  • Option for participants to buffer answers to continue the survey at a later time

  • Template editor for creating your own page layout

  • Extensive and user-friendly back-end (admin page) in different languages

  • Possibility to enter the data directly in the back-end

  • Survey starting and expiry dates for automation

  • Enhanced import and export function (Text, CSV, MS Excel, PDF, SPSS, R, queXML)

  • Integrated statistical evaluation functions with graphical results presentation and possibilities for filtering as well as exporting to PDF & Excel

  • W3C compliance


Terms of Use

LimeSurvey is an open source tool hosted by IT-SERVICES "as is". Please note, that the source code of LimeSurvey has not been subjected to any in-depth security audit. Usually, for a normal collection of empirical data this is not necessary, as personal or sensitive data are not in focus.

LimeSurvey must not be used for the systematic collection of personal data or for the collection of sensitive or highly sensitive data. Also, it is necessary to clarify up front whether may be collected at all. In case of doubt, consult with the Legal Department of WU. This also applies if data from third parties should or has to be used to carry out the survey.

Frequently Asked Questions

To whom do I send the survey?

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