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Master Thesis

We would like to offer you some information on how to proceed if you want to complete your master thesis at IMM.

General information on writing a master thesis at the WU can be found here.

Please find the guidelines for Bachelor and Master theses here.

Topic and Research Question

The topic and/or research question of the thesis is usually suggested by an IMM


member. We will advise you on any matters related to your thesis either via the students' mailing list or individually. This ensures that topics stay within the IMM's research focus and that we can support you in the most efficient way.

For an overview of IMM's fields of research, please visit the IMM research platform. For detailed information on our faculty members' research interests, please view the personal webpage of each faculty member.

In some cases, two students may work on a master's thesis. In this case, the contribution of each student must be indicated, for instance in the thesis' introduction.

Time for completion

The usual time spent on the completion of a master's thesis at IMM is six months.

Linguistic Correctness

Please make sure to use clear, correct and coherent language

  • use a spell checker in your word processor (e.g. in MS Word)

  • when writing your thesis in English, have a competent English native speaker proofread your text

Finishing your Thesis

After you have send your supervisor the final version of your thesis, please  upload your thesis on the learn@wu platform for the plagiarism check.

Please provide us with the following form:

If you and your advisor should decide to block your thesis from public viewing, please follow these guidelines.