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Start-ups by Students

Start-ups by E&I students and alumni 

E&I students and alumni are entrepreneurial. Several of them have already founded their own companies. You can find some examples of this on this website. 

New hotel concept on the Italian Amalfi Coast.  (Details)

Dachgold advises commercial companies on the implementation of their solar systems (both photovoltaic and solar thermal) and sees itself as a "shopping assistant" for solar systems. (Details)

DR.OWL develops intelligent high-tech nutritional solutions that promote our health (Nutri-Health). (Details)

Better product recommendations: Helps customers navigate the product jungle of today. (Details)

Platform that gives students access to special offers. Participating companies receive marketing information through an analysis tool. (Details)

Consulting services by students. (Details)

Provider of special seminars on aspects of the implementation of laws and regulations in practice. (Details)

Non-profit organization with the aim of opening up and supporting international training opportunities. (Details)

journi is the travel journal app for iOS and Android devices. (Details)

Leading service provider in the field of weblogs, podcasts, videocasts and similar social software in German-speaking countries. (Details)

Implementation of projects to find ideas and concepts, as well as the implementation of focus groups, trend and needs analysis, strategy development, and scenario management. (Details)

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LemonSwan is the dating agency for everyone who wants to put an end to their single life permanently. Our scientifically based questionnaire creates a picture of your most personal needs and requirements for a partner. (Details)

Match-Maker Ventures is the missing bridge between corporates and startups in Europe. (Details)

Mimo is a microlearning service that teaches computer science skills (and more) in a fun way. (Details)

MyNextGarage is the first community-based garage marketplace for people to advertise, discover, and book unique garages. (Details)

Sinbad connects young people from different walks of life and encourages them to lead a self-determined life. (Details)

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tripmakery.com is the world's first fully automated group travel booking platform. (Details)

The first food truck in Austria... (Details)

Leading youth media marketer specializing in advertising for 6-29 year olds. (Details)

Yourmap is a platform where you can design a map of any place in the world. (Details)

zerolens is a virtual photo studio for creating professional photos for marketing purposes. (Details)