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Founder:Marko Ertl
Business purpose:   It started in the summer of 2011 with a training program called “Insanity” and the urge to leave my own footsteps. The two students Marko and Matthias understood that in 10 years their bodies would consist of what they eat today. But in everyday life it's not so easy to find good food. They took this problem personally. It was the birth of the Wrapstars. With their mobile kitchen, they travel to different locations every day and ensure better food for everyone. They offer you elaborately prepared burrito-style wraps, vegetarian or with organic meat specialties slowly cooked overnight, every day freshly made salsas and homemade sauces according to secret recipes. Everything with the best seasonal ingredients and without unnecessary chemicals. All dishes are of course prepared according to the #nobullshit code of honor.Wrapstars. Real food, no bullshit.
Founding year:2013
Contact:Marko Ertl