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Founders:Katharina Klausberger, Armin Strbac, Stefan Fleig
Industry:Product recommendation platform
Business purpose:   shpock.com – find your product. The idea for finderly came about while looking for a netbook. We realized how difficult it actually is. At the same time, there were many people who were extremely knowledgeable and wanted to help. But a simple, effective way to do this was missing. Forums, Facebook etc. tried everything, but long lists and digressive discussions didn't make the search any easier. With finderly you can now easily find the right product for yourself with the help of your own friends and acquaintances, experts and specialist retailers and support others in their search Regardless of whether you are actively searching, checking what has already been recommended to others, or simply showing what you like/dislike, finderly should make product searches fun again.
Founding year:2011
Website:    shpock.com
Contact:Katha­rina Klaus­berger
Armin Strbac