Visiting Scholars Program

Visiting Rese­arch Scho­lars, Visiting Senior Rese­arch Scho­lars Program and Senior Rese­arch Fellow Program at the Insti­tute for Austrian and Inter­na­tional Tax Law (WU):

The Insti­tute for Austrian and Inter­na­tional Tax Law at WU selects each year outstan­ding doctoral students, post­doc­toral rese­ar­chers and full profes­sors from other distin­gu­ished univer­si­ties who wish to visit the Insti­tute for periods from one month to one year.

The program is aimed at tax rese­ar­chers who are inte­rested in cont­ri­bu­ting to the Insti­tute’s rese­arch projects along with working at their own rese­arch. It is expected that the Scholar will divide his/her time between his/her personal rese­arch on topics which are of inte­rest to the Insti­tute and ongoing projects of the Insti­tute on which rese­arch assis­tance may be needed. For recent projects of our Insti­tute please see www.wu.ac.at/taxlaw.

Rese­arch areas in which the Insti­tute has parti­cular inte­rest are espe­cially inter­na­tional tax law (inclu­ding tax trea­ties) and Euro­pean tax law.

If you are successful in your rese­arch visit appli­ca­tion, you will need to sign a form about date protec­tion (due to the GDPR 2018) imme­dia­tely on arrival at the Insti­tute.

Please see a copy of the form below and please contact Renée Pestuka prior to your arrival should you have any ques­tions or issues regar­ding the form:

Data Protec­tion form    

The Insti­tute for Austrian and Inter­na­tional Tax Law is looking forward to your appli­ca­tion, and we will do our utmost to help your rese­arch stay be a success.