WU Transfer Pricing Center

Scope and Aim

Transfer pricing is one of the most rele­vant and chal­len­ging topics in the inter­na­tional tax envi­ron­ment. The incre­a­sing global trade and the role of multi­na­tional enter­prises in the global economy have boosted the rele­vance of this topic.

The players currently inter­ac­ting in this field are mainly inter­na­tional orga­niza­t­ions, govern­ments and tax admi­nis­tra­tions, the busi­ness commu­nity, and advi­sors. There is, however, an emer­ging need for the cont­ri­bu­tion of the academia to these topics, in order to faci­li­tate the link between prag­matic solu­tions and theo­re­tical prin­ci­ples.

Within this back­ground, the WU Transfer Pricing Center at the Insti­tute for Austrian and Inter­na­tional Tax Law aims at rese­ar­ching, analy­sing, deba­ting and teaching transfer pricing topics. Through its activi­ties, it posi­tions itself as a global insti­tu­tion provi­ding the missing nexus between theory and prac­tice in approa­ching transfer pricing topics. The Center combines both the academic and prac­tical perspec­tives and its approach is highly inter­na­tional and inter­di­sci­pli­nary.

Who we are


Brochure of the WU Transfer Pricing Center

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