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Aims and objectives

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Project Objectives

  • Identifying and mobilizing stakeholders in national tax administrations, other law enforcement agencies and private sectors.   

  • Setting out a research Agenda.   

  • Drafting model national tax legislation and international tax agreements with the aim of strengthening country-specific anti-avoidance rules, improving the effectiveness of tax administrations to undertake controls and audits of both local and multinational companies and fostering better cross-border cooperation between tax authorities.   

  • Building up institutional capacity in African countries and ensuring sustainability by creating a network of “ambassadors“ of key institutions in Africa who will be able to disseminate and promote the acquired knowledge on the role of tax authorities in the detection of corrupt practices.

Portrait of Jeffrey Owens

This is an exciting initiative, one that can make a difference in Africa, but one which will require high level political commitment on the part of governments and a willingness to cooperate on the part of business.” 

Jeffrey Owens 

Co-Director of the Tax and Good Governance Program

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