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Master's theses

In order to write a master’s thesis in the field of tax law, extensive knowledge of the fundamentals of tax law is required. Specified topics are sent out twice a year by email with subsequent allocation by the program coordinator. Working on a tax law master’s thesis topic is only recommended to those students who feel able to deal with legal issues. The success with which not only the tax law education, but also the education in the bachelor’s degree was completed, should therefore be decisive if you are interested in working on a tax law master’s thesis.

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All colleagues who are interested in working on a tax law master’s thesis topic should take into account that on the one hand the supervisors (professor and assistant) offer intensive support in each phase of the work, but on the other hand, they also expect great commitment of the student. The master's thesis topics should take into account both the research interests of the student and the research focus of the institute.

The Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law also regularly announces master's theses in cooperation with the following companies: Bundesministerium für Finanzen, EY, Henkel, Procter & Gamble und PwC.

Writing a master's thesis as part of the EUCOTAX or Moot Court program is particularly valuable. You come into closer contact with international tax law and you will work with international academics as well. Both programs also enjoy an excellent reputation in practice and raises English skills to a specific level.