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24 STaR links for 2024


Our initiatives, resources, and ways to contribute to sustainable development, on and beyond WU’s campus…

Looking for sustainability-oriented New Year's resolutions?

We've compiled a list of our favorite 24 STaR/RCE-Vienna links for 2024! Of course, everyone's interests are different. What would you like to learn / read more about? 

  1. STaR SDG-Hub

  2. STaR Humanitarian Aid Hub

  3. RCE Vienna Third Mission projects:

  4. STaR ePub repository:

  5. WU Sustainability Facts illustrated

  6. Green Buddies

  7. Student organizations

  8. Theses Writing for Impact

  9. Sustainability Challenge

  10. Volunteering@WU

  11. Scientists4Future

  12. The Urban Shift

  13. UNcode Hackathon: AI Creativity for UNIDO Goals

  14. Communities for Sciences

  15. Green Skills for Cities

  16. Inside Impact Podcast

    • STaR WU Matters 2023: Green Skills on the Rise

    • STaR WU Matters 2022: Revolution in the Food Industry

    • ESG 101

    • STaR curated list of global Resource Libraries and Databases

    • SDG-Haikus: Short Poems About Sustainable Development Goals

    • Network for Business Sustainability

    • Copernicus Network

    • WU & STaR Reports and/or related to sustainability

    • STaR Video Archive


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