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Humanitarian Aid Hub

Our deepest sympathy goes to everyone affected by the ongoing crises in Ukraine and other parts of the world, whether personally, through family and friends, directly or indirectly. We are also aware of personal engagement of many individuals among WU's faculty, staff and students, who have been dedicating their energy, skills and resources to humanitarian relief work. Thank you!

    Welcome to Vienna Guide

    Our dedicated student volunteers compiled a guide with useful links and tips for refugees and asylum seekers in Vienna. To the best of our knowledge first of such kind in Austria!

    Much of the information is specifically for newcomers from Ukraine. We hope some of it will also prove useful for individuals who are fleeing persecution and violence in other countries.

    • Download the guide in English here

    • Download the guide in Ukrainian here

    • Download the guide in Russian here

    Please share with anyone to whom it this guide could be helpful!

    Learning German

    A special thanks to Teresa Riosa for compiling a spreadsheet of online platforms and other tools for learning German. It includes:

    • Podcasts

    • Learning apps

    • Language exchanges where you can meet people and practice your German

    • Tutoring services

    Click here: Learning German

    The list includes free and paid offers for learning the language, from beginner to advanced levels.

    Additional information for students and scholars from Ukraine. CLICK TO EXPAND

    STaR Humanitarian Aid Hub Community: Get involved!

    Our team has compiled a carefully curated Google spreadsheet table with links to:

    • Volunteering & donations locally

    • Information platforms

    • Job search platforms

    Click here: #How Can We All Help?

    STaR Humanitarian Aid Hub: Our Purpose. CLICK TO EXPAND

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    Here we post news on how to get engaged, opportunities for job seekers, and important announcements. Along with other STaR-related activities.