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Bachelor Thesis @ MCA

Who can write a bachelor thesis with us?

We offer the opportunity of thesis supervision to every student with a specialization (SBWL) in marketing and to students of the Bachelor program in Business and Economics (BBE) program. However, because of our expertise, research and teaching interest in specific topics as well as to ensure adequate supervision we prioritize students enrolled in the SBWL Digital Marketing, ideally with excellent grades. Other students are welcome if they provide convincing reasons (e.g., a quantitative research methods background, interest in marketing and customer analytics, job relevance, …).

Please note that due to the high number of applications, with demand exceeding our capacity, we cannot guarantee thesis supervision and we need to reserve the right to select students based on relevant selection criteria, such as grades in relevant courses, prior relevant research and/or practical experience, as well as the degree of fit with the requirements for a given topic. We also expect students to be familiar with the general rules of writing a scientific paper as, for example, covered by the WU-course “Grundlagen des wissenschaftlichen Arbeitens” (GWA), ideally be taught by the marketing department.

Once accepted for supervision, you will have the opportunity to work on contemporary marketing topics with practical relevance. We have a strong empirical research tradition with a distinct focus on quantitative research methods and typically employ advanced management and marketing science methods to provide decision support for issues of managerial relevance. We seek timely topics to ensure practical relevance that would help our students in their future careers. For more information on our preferred topics please visit our research page or this list of preferred thesis topics. Our interdisciplinary team will be happy to provide you with help and guidance.

Thesis Roadmap

General Guidelines

Choosing your Topic and Supervisor

Writing the Proposal

Writing the Thesis

Thesis Submission and Grading

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