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Access to Online-Resources

 WU faculty, and staff
on CampusOn the PCs in the WU libraries
In the IT-SERVICES computer labs
via Wi-Fi on your own computer and in the self-study areas
off CampusRemote access via VPN

Please note that due to licensing agreements some of our databases (especially law and finance resources) can only be used by WU students, faculty, and staff. Special conditions may also apply to using the resources via remote access. For details, please consult the description of each individual database.


Our electronic resources may be accessed only for study purposes, teaching, or research at WU, or for personal use. It is strictly prohibited to redistribute or systematically copy or download content from the provided resources or to use such content for commercial purposes. In the event of a violation of these rules, WU may disclose the respective user's contact data to its contractors and content providers, or ban the user from accessing the electronic resources. Any costs and damages resulting from claims made against WU because of infringements of the rights of third parties caused by a library patron shall be borne by the patron. Legal restrictions may apply to some materials, which can only be used by our students or staff, or can be accessed only within the library building.

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