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Of­fice365 Web App al­lows you to read and send emails, or­gan­ize con­tacts, cre­ate tasks, and man­age your cal­en­dar. Moreover, you can set up out-of-of­fice no­ti­fic­a­tions as well as email for­ward­ing.

Email Ad­dresses for WU stu­dents

You will re­ceive a name-­based ad­dress in the format first­name.sur­ that will serve as your primary email ad­dress. If this ad­dress is already taken, a num­ber will be ad­ded to your sur­name. In ad­di­tion to that, you have a stand­ard email ad­dress cre­ated auto­mat­ic­ally in the format "h+stu­dent-ID-num­ber­" (e.g.

Please note: Stu­dents who en­rolled be­fore Janu­ary 1, 2013 and have not yet been migrated to Of­fice 365 do not have a name-­based ad­dress and can there­fore only be reached at "h+stu­dent-ID-num­ber­". The migra­tion can be per­formed by stu­dents them­selves in the Con­trolpanel ap­plic­a­tion un­der > My Email > Of­fice 365 Migra­tion.

Email Cli­ents

We re­com­mend us­ing Ex­change as it sup­ports the whole range of func­tions. Al­tern­at­ively, you can ac­cess emails us­ing IMAP. In order to set up email cli­ents, use the fol­low­ing con­nec­tion data:

Set­tingus­ing Ex­changeus­ing IMAP
User­name / Ad­dress*:h+stu­dent-ID-num­­dent-ID-num­
Pass­word:your ac­count pass­wordyour ac­count pass­word
In­com­ing Mail Server:auto­mat­ic­allyoutlook.of­
En­cryp­tion / Port:auto­mat­ic­allySSL / 993
Out­go­ing Mail Server:auto­mat­ic­allysmtp.of­
En­cryp­tion / Port:auto­mat­ic­allyTLS / 587
Au­thentic­a­tion:auto­mat­ic­allyMy out­go­ing server re­quires au­thentic­a­tion. Use same set­tings as my in­com­ing mail server.

* in the format (please use your own stu­dent ID num­ber here).


You can ac­cess Outlook Web App at ht­tps:// in a sup­por­ted browser. To log in, en­ter your user name, “h+your-stu­dent-ID-num­ber” (e.g. h0123456) and use your WU ac­count pass­word.

Fre­quently Asked Ques­tions

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Down­loads and Doc­u­ments

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Apple iOS | iPhone
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Microsoft Outlook (in German)