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Ann-Kathrin Herfeld, MSc, MIM

Picture of Ann-Kathrin Herfeld, MSc.
Ann-Kathrin Herfeld’s research scope is the impact of uncertainty on strategic alliances. In particular she studies the effect of uncertainty types on alliance governance choice with a focus on minority equity alliance as well as the effect of uncertainty on alliances in the post-formation phase.

Ann-Kathrin is a graduate of the CEMS Master in International Management from WU and Rotterdam School of Management. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in International Business from WU. During her bachelor studies she participated in Summer Scholar Programs in the USA and in Montenegro.

Ann-Kathrin gained practical experiences working for MNCs and SMEs in Germany, Switzerland and Romania in the fashion industry, wholesale industry, hotel industry and banking sector. She worked on consultancy projects for multinational corporations during her studies. Prior to joining the Institute in September 2017 she worked as a research and teaching assistant and as a freelance research assistant for the Institute for International Business at WU.

As a lecturer she is teaching the undergraduate course International Strategic Management 2 and the graduate elective course Strategic Alliances. Her teaching experience includes the graduate course Fundamentals of Strategic Management and the undergraduate course International Strategic Management 1.

Ann-Kathrin is responsible for organizing the "Working Group on Strategic Alliances", a bi-annually exchange forum with alliance practitioners from Austria, Germany and other European countries that is co-organized with FU Berlin.

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