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Patrick Holzmann, Dr.

Picture of Patrick Holzmann, Mag. Dr., Bakk.

Patrick Holzmann is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the ISM. His current research focuses on the intersection of digitalization and sustainability and aims to understand how companies can leverage digital technologies in their business models for sustainable value creation. He is further interested in the antecedents determining novel digital technology adoption and the crucial role of business models.

His research is often interdisciplinary, drawing on concepts from business and management, economics, sociology, and psychology. This diversity is further reflected in the methodological diversity that includes and occasionally also combines quantitative and qualitative research methods as well as systematic literature reviews. Prior to joining ISM, Patrick was Deputy Head of the Department of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship at the University of Klagenfurt. He holds a Doctorate from the University of Klagenfurt. He was a Visiting Scholar at the RWTH Aachen. His research is published in outlets such as the International Journal of Information Management, Journal of Business Research, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Business Strategy and the Environment, and the International Journal of Innovation Management.


+43 1 31336 4616


Selected Publications

Globocnik, D. & Holzmann, P. (2024). Sustainability-related product satisfaction – Development and application of a multi-dimensional measurement instrument, Journal of Cleaner Production, 448, 141567.

Gregori, P., Holzmann, P. & Audretsch, D.B. (2024). Sustainable entrepreneurship on digital platforms and the enactment of digital connectivity through business models, Business Strategy and the Environment, 33(2), 1173-1190.

Holzmann, P. & Gregori, P. (2023). The promise of digital technologies for sustainable entrepreneurship: A systematic literature review and research agenda, International Journal of Information Management, 68, 102593.

Gregori, P. & Holzmann, P. (2022). Entrepreneurial practices and the constitution of environmental value for sustainability, Business Strategy and the Environment, 31(7), 3302-3317.

Holzmann, P., Breitenecker, R.J., Schwarz, E.J. & Gregori, P. (2020). Business model design for novel technologies in nascent industries: An investigation of 3D printing service providers, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 159, 120193.

Gregori, P. & Holzmann, P. (2020). Digital sustainable entrepreneurship: A business model perspective on embedding digital technologies for social and environmental value creation, Journal of Cleaner Production, 272, 122817.