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Energy & Strategy Think Tank

The Energy & Strategy Think Tank (ESTT) is a cooperation between OMV AG, Wien Energie GmbH and the Institute for Strategic Management at WU.

Located at WU’s Institute for Strategic Management (ISM), the ESTT was launched together with OMV AG in 2013. In 2017, Wien Energie GmbH joined the ESTT. The shared vision of WU, OMV AG, and Wien Energie GmbH is to promote management research on strategic challenges in the energy industry, to educate students for management positions in the energy industry, and to foster the exchange between energy industry research and practice.

New technologies and developments such as electromobility and digitalization are changing the energy industry. The continuous development of new products, services, and business models is key to ensure competitive advantage. To facilitate this development, the ESTT creates, acquires, and transfers knowledge to its partner firms, students and the larger society through three interrelated activities:

  1. Research: Focusing on the energy industry, members of the ESTT at WU conduct research on business model innovation, organization design for innovation, strategic alliances, industry architectures, and ecosystems.

  2. Problem-based Teaching: The ESTT engages in teaching in WU’s master program Strategy, Innovation and Management Control (SIMC) where students get the unique opportunity to deal with strategic challenges and real-world problems from the energy sector.

  3. Expert Dialogue: The ESTT provides a platform where executives of the partner firms can exchange with thought leaders in and beyond the energy industry as well as stay abreast of recent industry developments.

The members of the ESTT at WU are Nina Hampl (project lead), Paola Belingheri, Philipp Buss and Georg Reischauer. Please contact Nina Hampl for more information.

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