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Angelika Höllebauer

Angelika Höllebauer is the ISM's office manager since September 2011. Back then, ISM consisted of just three people. With much pionieer work to do when starting a university institute from scratch, she initiated the institutionalization of ISM's administrative and academic procedures in line with the Department for Strategy & Innovation which ISM is a part of.

Angelika's "research" interests are, given the nature of her admin staff post, pretty practical: They center around interpersonal relationships and team dynamics. She disposes of almost fifteen years work experience as a personal assistant to executive board members in the steel industry. She was also working as an advertising and marketing assistant in the advertising industry for many years.

Angelika holds a Business Coach diploma from WIFI Vienna (since 2012) and did an Advanced Training Course for Advertising and Sales at WU Vienna (1994-1996). In 1992, she obtained an International Assistant Manager (1992) diploma and pursued her Advertising Industry Education at Santa Monica College and CIEL.

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