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Angelika Höllebauer

Picture of Angelika Höllebauer
Angelika Höllebauer is the ISM's office manager since September 2011. Back then, ISM consisted of just three people. With much pionieer work to do when starting a university institute from scratch, she initiated the institutionalization of ISM's administrative and academic procedures in line with the Department for Strategy & Innovation which ISM is a part of.

Angelika's "research" interests are, given the nature of her admin staff post, pretty practical: They center around interpersonal relationships and team dynamics. She disposes of almost fifteen years work experience as a personal assistant to executive board members in the steel industry. She was also working as an advertising and marketing assistant in the advertising industry for many years.

Angelika holds a Business Coach diploma from WIFI Vienna (since 2012) and did an Advanced Training Course for Advertising and Sales at WU Vienna (1994-1996). In 1992, she obtained an International Assistant Manager (1992) diploma and pursued her Advertising Industry Education at Santa Monica College and CIEL.

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