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Georg Reischauer, Dr.

Picture of Dr. Georg Reischauer

Georg Reischauer’s research focuses on digital innovation and digital organization. In particular, he studies how organizations utilize and implement digital technologies in a sustainable way.

Georg studies empirical contexts that are at the forefront of the digital transformation such as digital manufacturing (Industry 4.0), gig economy, and sharing economy and infrastructure contexts, especially energy, green technology (clean technology), and local governments.

Georg received a PhD from the Technical University of Vienna. He also graduated in business administration, sociology, and philosophy at the University of Vienna, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, and the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt.

Contact Georg +43 1 31336 5868

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Selected publications

Heimstädt, M. & Reischauer, G. (2019): Framing Innovation Practices in Interstitial Issue Fields: Open Innovation in the NYC Administration. Innovation: Organization and Management, 21(1): 128-150.

Reischauer, G. & Mair, J. (2018): How Organizations Strategically Govern Online Communities: Lessons from the Sharing Economy. Academy of Management Discoveries, 4(3): 220-247.

Reischauer, G. (2018): Industry 4.0 as Policy-Driven Discourse to Institutionalize Innovation Systems in Manufacturing. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 132: 26-33.

Reischauer, G. & Mair, J. (2018): Platform Organizing in the New Digital Economy: Revisiting Online Communities and Strategic Responses. Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 57: 113-135.

Mair, J. & Reischauer, G. (2017): Capturing the Dynamics of the Sharing Economy: Institutional Research on the Plural Forms and Practices of Sharing Economy Organizations. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 125: 11-20.