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Teresa Hübel, M.Sc. (WU)

Teresa Hübel, MSc (WU)

Teresa Hübel MSc (WU)

Research and Teaching Associate

Where to find me?

Building D4 (Entrance B)
Room D4.2.254

Attention: Public access to the Institute is only available through the Department of Socioeconomics front office in Building D4, Level 3.

About me

Teresa Hübel is a teaching and research associate at the Institute for International Political Economy at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. She graduated from the master's programme in economics at WU Vienna, where she studied in the Science Track. Before joining the Institute, she worked as an economist at the Austrian Institute for Family Studies at the University of Vienna. She already gained research experience during her master's as a research assistant in the fields of globalisation and inequality as well as behavioural economics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and at the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS), respectively.

Teresa's research focuses on the political economy of trade, with a particular interest in the influence of human decision making and social choice, as well as the implications of trade policies on economic inequalities. In addition, she is currently developing a course on the politics of trade (planned for the summer semester 2024).

Besides her research activities, she loves rowing on the Old Danube in Vienna.


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Teaching in the summer semester 2024


Find detailed information about Teresa Hübel's publications and research activities:

Teresa Hübel at WU Research

Research report, expert opinion

2023 Geserick, Christine, Hornung, Helena, Hübel, Teresa, Kaindl, Markus, Wernhart, Georg. 2023. Arbeitsteilung in Partnerschaften. Read more

WU Working Paper

2021 Leitner, Georg, Zerobin, Manuel, Hübel, Teresa, Wolfmayr, Anna. 2021. How risky is Monetary Policy? The Effect of Monetary Policy on Systemic Risk in the Euro Area. Read more