Ausschnitt eines Glasdachs des LC Gebäude

Bachelor thesis

We are very pleased to see that you are interested in writing your Bachelor thesis in the area of Organization Design.

You can find the most important information below.

Requirements for writing a Bachelor thesis at the institute

  • SBWL Strategy & Organization (successful completion of courses 1-3)

  • Evidence of sufficient interest and knowledge in our subject areas, availability of supervision, positive answer by a supervisor, proposal and preliminary outline corresponding with the quality standards of the institute

Additional requirements for BaWiSo students:

  • Successful completion of the STEOP, all business-related courses of the CBK, the PI statistics

  • Completion of the “Academic Research Techniques” course

Additional requirements for BBE students:

  • Successful completion of the Introductory Phase

  • Completion of the two courses in the area of Academic Skills

Students who would like to write their Bachelor thesis at the IOD have to submit a research proposal, their CV, and their transcript of records (courses: Academic Research Techniques, SBWL Strategy & Organization, and, if available, their second SBWL).

Students are strongly advised to read the "IOD Bachelor thesis guide" for further information and details.

Submission and evaluation

You have to submit your thesis electronically via:
After the plagiarism test your supervisor has 4 weeks to enter your grade into the system.

Documents and forms