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What our partners say

[Translate to English:] Andreas Brandstetter , CEO UNIQA

© Image: UNIQA

"As partner in this long-standing cooperation, we greatly appreciate the collaboration with the Institute for Organization Design under the direction of Prof. Dr. Patricia Klarner.

This partnership has proven to be extremely valuable, especially through the innovative approaches and solutions that the student teams regularly develop in the Institute's project courses. This collaboration not only provided valuable insights into strategic and organizational challenges, but also enabled us to attract talented new employees to our company.

In addition, our participation as guest speakers in the Institute's courses offers an excellent platform to discuss practical experiences with students. I personally found the exchange with managers and students - the Leaders of tomorrow - as part of the Leadership Conversations series to be particularly inspiring.

We look forward to continuing this valuable collaboration and the further impetus it will bring to our company and the future generation of leaders."

Andreas Brandstetter, CEO UNIQA

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Norbert Haslacher

© Image: Frequentis

"There are three reasons we should listen to our next generation of business leaders: they bring new ideas, they are on top of newest research developments, and most of all they help us to think outside the box.

I therefore want to mention how much we appreciate working together with talented students from the IOD - Institute for Organization Design, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, led by Prof. Dr. Patricia Klarner.

We gained a lot of interesting insights and new ideas from our successful cooperation!"

Norbert Haslacher, CEO Frequentis

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Herbert Auer

© Image: Pollmann International

“Based on the analysis of our existing project management by the Institute for Organization Design (IOD), Pollmann was given the opportunity to optimize existing processes in the group of companies.

The benchmark analysis gave Pollmann an uncomplicated insight into the processes of comparable companies, which enabled new and valuable ideas to be generated."
Herbert Auer, former CEO, Pollmann International GmbH

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“I really appreciate the collaboration with Prof. Klarner.

In joint projects, we have always benefited from her technical expertise, her ability to structure complex problems, her enthusiasm for new challenges and her implementation-oriented way of thinking.”

Dr. Florian Bertram, Director Markets and Strategic Planning / Corporate Strategy Siemens AG München, Deutschland

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“I have been working successfully with Prof. Klarner for years, both in research and in my work in business practice. She is a competent partner in strategic and organizational issues.

I particularly benefit from her broad wealth of experience, her international mindset, her valuable impulses and the excellent results of our projects. It’s a pleasure to work with her.”

Prof. Dr. Gilbert Probst, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Banque Cantonale de Genève, Schweiz Vice-president, Swiss Board Institute and Swiss Institute of Directors Managing Director and Dean of the Global Leadership Fellows Program. World Economic Forum (2007-2016).

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Jürgen Reker, Deloitte Deutschland

© Image: Deloitte

“We have worked successfully with Prof. Klarner for many years as part of Deloitte’s Axia Award study.

We have always benefited from her business expertise, her intuition for important management issues and her high level of commitment. We particularly appreciated the pleasant and productive working culture when we worked together.”

Jürgen Reker, Partner, Deloitte Deutschland

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“We really appreciate the cooperation with WU Vienna and the Institute for Organization Design. The students of the SBWL "Strategy & Organization" provided important impulses for our internal projects with their excellent work, both in literature and empirical research.

We experience the support provided by the Institute for Organization Design - from the conception of the joint project to its completion - as highly professional, and we value it very much. "

Robert Baran, Director Group Strategy, Frequentis

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