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Student Voices

Here is what our students have to say about the SBWL

“I particularly like the SBWL S&O, because you will not hear lecturers preaching one absolute truth, but they will engage you in taking different perspectives, participate in discussions and work as a team to solve challenges. Skills that any WU graduate needs and that you can apply not only in strategy or organizational design, but in a variety of topics.”

"I liked the interactive parts with group discussions."

"Reverse Classroom design, group work contributed a lot to general understanding. Discussion at end of classroom group work was a lot of fun."

"Very motivational. It inspires me to give more thought to future career decisions and engages my brain in a unique way that I haven´t experienced in other courses."

"Prof. Klarner takes enough time for students' questions and we do critical discussions."

"You can see that Prof. Klarner is really enthusiastic about the topics and a good speaker."

"The course is very interactive and gives an excellent overview about the topic."

"You can see that Prof. Klarner knows a lot about her field and has many experiences to talk about. This makes class a lot more interesting."

"We had a lot of real-life examples and there is a very welcoming atmosphere."

"The ‘Meet the CEO’ format were probably the best 2 hours at WU so far."

"Theoretical knowledge is transferred to practical examples."

"The two guest speakers were a unique opportunity and really had us think through the content again."

"I really liked the expert interviews and the possibility to get an insight into change management in practice."

"Prof. Klarner is really engaged. She shows a lot of effort and discusses everything that is not clear to the students."

"We got a practical perspective on the implementation of the concepts discussed in class."

"Prof. Klarner can explain the most complicated thing in a way that it is easy to understand."