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Dr. Sabine Pittnauer

Sabine Pittnauer

Dr. Sabine Pittnauer has been working as an assistant professor at the Institute for Organization Design since February 2023. Sabine had graduated in economics at the University of Bonn. She did her doctorate (summa cum laude) with Professor Reinhard Selten in Bonn and was a postdoc on his project investigating decision making of boundedly rational economic actors (until December 2015). She was a visiting fellow at the Technion in Haifa from February 2016 to December 2022 and a university assistant (maternity leave replacement) at the ISM of the JKU Linz from December 2021 to February 2023. Her research focuses on the interface between cognitive and organization design. She examines questions such as: How do differential structures of information flows in organizations lead to different mental representations of the information on the part of the decision makers, and thus to more or less successful decisions? In her research, Sabine uses both experimental methods and computer simulations. She has published her research in leading journals, such as Organization Science and Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.

Where to find me:
Address:Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU)
Welthandelsplatz 1,
Building D5
1020 Vienna
Room:D5 4.012
Telephone:  +43-1-31336-4557
Office hours: please inquire by email