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Research Institute Economics of InequalityRSS

Mission Statement

Since 2015 we address key questions of social, economic and ecological inequalities and the resulting issues for the society, politics, the environment and every single human being. Due to the increase of inequalities in the course of time it is from our perspective of utmost importance to look into these topics from various angles.

The research institute "Economics of Inequality" serves as a platform for interdisciplinary research on these inequalities and for discussions with students, other researchers and the public. In the course of our research we question reasons for the existance of inequalities as well as their effects. To offer profound results of our research, it is a major concern for us to develop concrete approaches for measuring inequalities. Furthermore, our research results should not only point out already existing inequalities, but rather provide a scientific foundation for the development of measures and actions to reduce present social and economic inequalities.

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Deckblatt der Studie "Wirkung der Wiener Mindestsicherung auf Bezieher:innen"
Effects of the Viennese social assistance benefits on recipients

by Evelyn Dawid and Karin Heitzmann

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Six, Eva and Schnetzer, Matthias (2023):

#23: Highbrow heritage: The effects of early childhood cultural capital on wealth

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E. Dawid, K. Heitzmann:

2022|02: Effects of the Viennese social assistance benefits

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Project: Risk of Poverty and Single Parents

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"Es hat wieder jene getroffen, die schon davor weniger Einkommen hatten."

Karin Heitzmann on the pandemic's impact on risk of poverty in Arbeit & Wirtschaft on 08.04.2022

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Working Paper Series #23

Political Aspects of Public Employment Programs: A Theoretical Debate and Insights from Real-World Programs (Daniel Haim)

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Austria’s Role in European Integration

On March 9th 2022 our co-head of institute Karin Heitzmann presents the next "WU matter. WU talks."-Event on "Austria’s Role in European Integration" with guests Christoph Badelt and Gebriel…

Zusammenschnitt aus Grafiken und Überschriften aus dem "INEQ Jahresbericht 2020/21" als Vorschau

The annual report 2020/21 is ready!

We are happy to present the INEQ annual report of 2020 and 2021 - Click here to read all about us, our research and our public appearences of the last two years! (For now our annual reports are…

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