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Research Projects

Please be aware that some project descriptions, reports and papers are currently available in German only. We are sorry for any inconveniences.

If you wish to get further information in English on a specific project, feel free to contact us anytime!

Below you can find descriptions and reports of our three latest research projects. All previous research results are listed in our archive.

You have questions concerning our research projects? We are looking forward to your message!


Latest research projects

Cover der Studie "Ökosoziale Steuerreform"

Eco-social Tax Reform: Revenue and Distributional Effects

by Vanessa Lechinger, Eva Six and Stefan Humer

Project description
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Cover der Studie "Vermögen in Wien"

Wealth in Vienna - inequality and public property

by Severin Rapp

Project description
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Cover der Studie Armut und COVID-19

Poverty and COVID-19

by Karin Heitzmann

Project description
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More research projects

You can find more of our conducted research projects in the archive.

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