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In the course of our research we question reasons for the existance of inequalities as well as their effects. To offer profound results of our research, it is a major concern for us to develop concrete approaches for measuring inequalities. Furthermore, our research results should not only point out already existing inequalities, but rather provide a scientific foundation for the development of measures and actions to reduce present social and economic inequalities.

Please be aware that some research results are currently available in German only. We are sorry for any inconveniences.

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Research project:
Solo Parents and the Risk of Poverty

by Karin Heitzmann and Astrid Pennerstorfer

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Cover Working Paper #22

INEQ Working Paper Series #22

Rapp, Severin (2021):

Asset Bias in Household Needs Measurement

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Project Brief 2022|01 Poverty of Single Parents

K. heitzmann, A. Pennerstorfer:

Risk of Poverty and Social Exclusion of Singel-Parent-Households in Austria

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