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Master’s Program Socioeconomics and Supervision of Master Theses

The Institute for Societal Change and Sustainability is heavily involved in the German-language master’s program Socioeconomics. The program directorate and coordination are located at the institute and institute members teach in the master’s program Socioeconomics.

The institute's academic staff supervise master's theses that thematically match their research and teaching focus. More information can be found in the tab "Supervision of a master's thesis".

Master’s program Socioeconomics

The full-time Master's Program in Socioeconomics is an interdisciplinary program in social and economic sciences focusing on the challenges faced by today’s society and economy. These challenges are characterized by complexity and contradictions, problems, crises, and opportunities, as well as by cultural diversity. The program is structured as a full-time, four-semester degree worth a total of 120 ECTS credits. The Master's Program in Socioeconomics is taught in German, but courses in English can be chosen on a case-by-case basis. For more information, please see the master’s program pages on the WU website.

Prospective students can find further information concerning the master's program and its application here.

Students can find further and current information here.

Research Topics

Thesis Proposal and Supervision Agreement

Grading Guidelines and Grading Criteria