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Regine Bendl

Associate Professor (Professor and Head of the Institute from 2015-2020)


Phone: +43 1 31336-5186
Fax: +43 1 31336-905186

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Short CV
Dr. Regine Bendl is Associate Professor. She was visiting research fellow at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Oxford University, Auckland University of Technology, Stanford University and University of Pretoria. She got several national and international awards for her research. Currently she is Editorial Board Member of several journals and Editor of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion – An International Journal. She is also President of the Austrian Society for Diversity (ASD)

CV, Publications

Research and Teaching Interests
Gender and Diversity in Organizations, Organizing and Managing Diversity, Intersectionality and queer perspectives, Subtexts in Organization Theories

Teaching in the SBWL Diversity Management (BA); Working in Diverse Teams in Cross Functional Management (BA); Diversity and Sustainability, Working in Teams in Master Management (MA)

Teaching activity, Projects

Selected Publications
Mills, Jean/Mills, Albert/Williams, Kristin/Bendl, Regine: Encyclopedia Gender in Management. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham/Northhampton (forthcoming).

Schmidt, Angelika/Bendl, Regine/Clar, Maria (2023): Revisiting old and opening new spaces for feminist organizing in Austria. Culture and Organization, Vol. 29, 3, 242-256.

Bendl, Regine/Clar, Maria/Schmidt, Angelika (2023): Feminist activism in Austria – and its way to escape a spiral of silencing and inner exile. Intersections. East European Journal of Society and Politics, Vol. 8, 4 (Jan. 2023), 92-107.

Bendl, Regine/Fleischmann, Alexander/Schmidt, Angelika (2022): Inclusion done differently? Representations of inclusion and exclusion in the discourse of alternative organizations. Organization.

Eberherr, Helga/Bendl, Regine (2020): Interdependente Machtverhältnisse: Epistemologische Reflexionen zu Paradoxien intersektionaler Zugänge. In: Seeliger, Martin/Gruhlich, Julia (Hrsg): Intersektionalität, Arbeit und Organisation, 20-35.

Traunsteiner, Bärbel/Bendl, Regine (2019): Bounded Complexity of Bodily Realities: The (Dis)Embodiment of Elderly Lesbians. In: Fotaki, Marianna/Pullen, Alison (EDs.): Diversity, Affect and Embodiment in Organizing. Palgrave MacMillan, Cham, 163-194.

Booysen, Lize/Bendl, Regine/Pringle, Judith (2018, Eds.): Handbook of Research Methods on Diversity Management, Equality and Inclusion at Work. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham/Northhampton.

Bendl, Regine/Bleijenbergh, Inge/Henttonen, Elina/Mills, Albert (2015, Eds.): The Oxford Handbook of Diversity in Organizations. Oxford University Press, Oxford.

Bendl, Regine/Danowitz, Mary Ann/Schmidt, Angelika: Recalibrating Management: Feminist Activism to Achieve Equality in an Evolving Managerial University (2014): British Journal of Management (BJM), Vol. 25, 2, 320‐334.

Tienari, Janne/Holgersson, Charlotte/Merilainen, Susan/Bendl, Regine (2013): And Then There Were None: On the Exclusion of Women in Executive search practices. Gender in Management – An international Journal, Vol. 28, 1, 43‐62.

Bendl, Regine/Hanappi‐Egger, Edeltraud/Hofmann, Roswitha (2012, Hrsg.): Diversität und Diversitätsmanagement. Facultas, Wien.

Bendl, Regine (2008): Gender Subtexts – Reproduction of Exclusion in Organizational Discourse. In: British Journal of Management, Vol. 19, 50‐64.