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Gender and Diversity Management at the of Economics and Business Administration

Despite of numerous initiatives and contributions to gender equity traditional structures and roles still prevail in organisational, structural and strategic areas. This predominance of stereotypes not only anticipates and defers a scientific and everyday discourse on a changed and more contemporary role understanding of and among men and women in politics, science, economy and privavcy, but supports the discrimination of women too. Similar processes are to be found with reference to other diversity factors.

The increasing internationalisation reinforces the resulting sociopolitical problems. Especially economy forgoes possibilities for development and potentials of productivity by ignoring the constitutive impact of gender stereotypes and diversity aspects.

A constructive and productive handling of diversity aspects and gender issues requires new competencies - not only in economy. For this purpose 5 fields of activity were developed within the frame of the ESF project. The 5 fields of activity ought to break different perspectives for the acquisition of competencies to students, teachers and practice partners.

Field of activity 1: implementation of the competence area "Gender and Diversity Management" at the of Economics and Business Administration.

The implementation of the competence area "Gender and Diversity Management" within the discipline of Business Administration represents an innovative contribution to the creation of new concepts reflecting the contemporary social and economic dynamics in an adequate way. The competence area shall enable the students to design and apply measures of equal opportunities and diversity management.

Public institutions and business consultancies face a rising demand for appropriate knowhow due to various developments such as the legislation of the European Union (Gender Mainstreaming). An expansion and reflection of established theories and models of business management as well as the creation of novel and innovative concepts of gender equity and diversity management are necessary to meet these challenges successfully.

Field of activity 2: Train-the-trainer Programme

Train-the-trainer is a qualification programme supporting teachers in the implementation of gender and diversity aspects into research and teachings. (already completed)

Field of activity 3: Course of Lectures

The institutionalisation of a course of lectures at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration intends to create an international platform of discussion for eductional and training issues in the frame of gender and diversity management.

Field of activity 4:

Research project "Networking of graduates of the of Economics and Business Administration and women in the economy"

Networking and mentoring is essential for the realisation of job-related objectives. Therefore, the project analyses and develops realisation opportunities for networking activities by measuring the demand of practice partners and graduates.

Field of activity 5:

International "Theory and Practice Discourse"

A conference on , establishes an exchange of knowledge between researchers and practice partners supporting the further development of gender and diversity management.

Project duration: May 2003 - April 2006
Project contractor: European Social Fund / Austrian Ministry for Education, Science and Culture
Project executive: Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger
Project coordination: Mag.a Roswitha Hofmann, Project management: (since March 2005) Mag.a Helga Gartner / (from September 28th, 2005 to January 18th, 2006) Mag.a Christina Götz