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The Association for Business Communication (ABC) is an international organization whose mission it is to advance business communication research, education, and practice. It stresses the interdisciplinary nature of the field and aims at “promoting excellence in teaching, increasing knowledge within the discipline, enriching business communication classes to better prepare students, and improving the quality of communication in the workplace”. Members of the ABC work in many different academic disciplines, such as management, marketing, linguistics, communication and information systems, but also include communication consultants and business practitioners. You can learn more about the ABC, its history and goals on its website.

The ABC already has a strong membership in the region “Europe, Africa and the Middle East” as well as globally. By joining the ABC community you will not only get access to the numerous resources that are offered through its website, but you will also benefit from unique opportunities to network, collaborate and make lasting connections with colleagues in the field. You will have access to the International Journal of Business Communication and the Business and Professional Communication Quarterly, and you will receive information about any upcoming conference proceedings and special issues. The organization also offers a range of awards and funding opportunities. For a full list of all membership benefits, you can visit the ABC website, which also includes information about how to become a member.