ABC Accessibility FAQs

Please note that the information provided below applies to the Vienna University of Economics and Business campus only. For accessibility information about accommodation, please contact your hotel directly.

Is the conference venue fully accessible? Are there wheelchair-friendly restrooms?

Yes, all buildings on campus are fully accessible. All conference rooms can be reached by elevator and have designated desk spaces for wheelchair users. On each floor, there are wheelchair-friendly restrooms.

Are the conference rooms all on one floor?

No, whilst the conference rooms are located in one building, they are on different floors. These are, however, all accessible by elevator, and all elevators announce the floor number.

Does the conference venue allow service animals?

Yes. The venue is located right next to Prater, a big park, which is conveniently-located to take the dog out.

Is there signage in Braille?

Yes, all elevators and on-campus maps include signage in Braille. The elevators also announce the floor number.

Can sign language be provided at certain sessions?

No, unfortunately there is no sign language support available.

Does the conference venue offer a breastfeeding room?


Does the conference venue offer a designated “quiet room”?


Are there meal options for people with special dietary needs?

Yes, the catering provided during the conference includes vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. The menu for the external conference dinner also includes vegetarian and vegan meals. Additionally, there are two supermarkets within short walking distance that can cater to special dietary requirements.

Are all excursions fully accessible?

No, not all of them are. We offer short campus tours and a walking tour (more information here). While the campus tours are short and fully accessible, the walking tour involves walking through the city centre of Vienna for a while and is therefore not fully accessible. If you are interested in discovering even more of the beautiful city of Vienna, we recommend the services of Vienna Sightseeing.