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Introduction of a Global Minimum Tax

Der Jubiläumsfonds der Österreichischen Nationalbank fördert das Forschungsprojekt Introduction of a Global Minimum Tax.

The transformation through digitalization of the international economy has a wide range of impacts on taxation, offering both new tools and challenges in terms of tax policy at the domestic and international level. At the heart of the debate is the fact that international tax rules were designed in a completely different environment and these new technologies raise opportunities for tax avoidance through the shifting of multinational enterprises (MNEs) profits to low or no-tax jurisdictions, using the diversity of tax systems and legislation worldwide. In response, reforming the entire international tax system to deal with these “new” tax challenges, restore stability to the international tax framework and prevent further uncoordinated unilateral measures has been a priority of the international community. Against this background, a recent solution was proposed by the OECD/G20 to address remaining BEPS concerns in the field of corporate income tax (CIT) broadly: the introduction a “global minimum tax”. The scope of the project consists of an in-depth analysis on the introduction of a global minimum tax under this GloBE Proposal, with specific emphasis to the potential changes in the international tax system in the field of CIT and its impact on countries’ domestic tax rules, suggesting modifications that would be suitable in the digitalized economy.