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Past event: Conference on Good governance in a digital and open trading environment, February 7-8, 2022

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We are pleased to invite you to our online Conference on Good Governance in a Digital and Open Trading Environment (DOTE), February 7-8, 2022.

The third stage of the program, Good Governance in a Digital and Open Trading Environment (DOTE) 2021-2024 focuses on how to address tax transparency and corruption using new technologies an era of increased trade liberalization from the perspective of tax administrations, FIUs, trade and tax policymakers, businesses and CSOs. The project will consist of three distinct objectives:

  1. To use new technologies to transform the way that African countries combat IFFs

  2. To empower African countries to develop regulatory frameworks that minimize the risk of increased IFFs in the free trade area by harmonizing regulation and administrative practices

  3. Increasing the effectiveness of civil society organizations (CSOs) in the new digital and open trade environment to curb IFFs.


Following the TT&C July 2021 conference, it was agreed that there was need to include a new focus group on technology and illicit financial flows (IFFs). It was also agreed to establish a joint group with the Africa Union (AU) and the African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF) to discuss the impact of the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) on the ability of countries to combat IFFs.


If you would like to register for the event, please use the online registration form.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Eva Mader at