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Our rese­arch and teaching activi­ties focus on marke­ting manage­ment in a dynamic service land­scape. Many service indus­tries are being radi­cally trans­formed by advances in infor­ma­tion tech­no­logy and inter­ac­tive online media. This offers tremen­dous oppor­tu­nities and makes service marke­ting an extre­mely exciting and chal­len­ging field of study.

Our rese­arch is inter­di­sci­pli­nary with links to statis­tics, econo­mics, psycho­logy, and infor­ma­tion systems. We use modern statis­tical and marke­ting science methods to develop and to apply marke­ting models for mana­ge­rial deci­sion support. To serve the needs of our industry part­ners and policy makers, we balance basic and applied rese­arch.

Our students are seeking rese­ar­ch-d­riven course content and wish to acquire skills in marke­ting rese­arch, busi­ness analy­tics, and deci­sion making. We offer prac­tice­-ori­ented and expe­ri­en­tial teaching formats to entable students to trans­late their skills into the design of effec­tive marke­ting programs.


Research Talk by Aradhna Krishna

Aradhna Krishna from the Univer­sity of Michigan (US) presented a collec­tion of her work on “Mental Simu­la­tion and other Mental Imagery” in our Rese­arch Seminar Series. Aradhna is considered one of the...


Wir wüns­chen allen Studie­renden und Mitar­beiter/innen schöne Sommer­tage und erhol­same Ferien!! :-) Bitte beachten Sie: In der Zeit von 9. Juli bis 28. September 2018 ist unser Insti­tuts­se­kre­ta­riat...

Marketing meets Alumni

Am 24. Mai 2018 lud der MSc Marke­ting Club der Wirt­schafts­uni­ver­sität Wien, unter­stützt vom Service Marke­ting Insti­tute, zum bisher erfolg­reichsten Teil der „Marke­ting meets...“ Event­reihe ein. Nach...

Research Talk by P.K. Kannan

P.K. Kannan from the Univer­sity of Mary­land presented his rese­arch on product line exten­sions as part of our Depart­ment’s Rese­arch Seminar Series. The presented studies used multiple methods to...