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Software Demos

In our research projects we develop analytical tools which aim at pushing the boundary of state-of-the field marketing methodology; many of them are used by data scientists and marketing analysts around the globe.

Below we offer demonstrations of recently crafted software tools:

  • BTYD Demo

    : This demo illustrates various functionalities of models included in the CRAN packages BTYD and BTYDplus. The acronym BTYD ("Buy ’Til You Die") stands for a set of models to capture non-contractual purchasing behavior and to make predictions of important components for caluculating future residual lifetime values of individual customers (see, e.g., the BG/NBD by Fader & Hardie 2005). The underlying "story" of these models is that customers are buying until they "die" (i.e., become inactive as customers of the focal firm). Michael Platzer's (2016) BTYDplus package includes recent BTYD enhancements, such as Platzer & Reutterer's (2016) Pareto/GGG and the (M)/BG-CNBD-k model family.