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Marketing and Customer Analytics Data Science Challenge

The Data Science Challenge of the Institute for Marketing and Customer Analytics aims to provide its students, both at Bachelor’s and Master’s level, the opportunity to develop their data analysis skill set. It consists of a two-semester long extracurricular program during which the selected students will encounter challenges they are likely to face in their future professional careers. In order to manage such challenges, the MCA team will assist the students with guidance and tutorials in different types of software, such as R and Excel.

Current MCADSC

The current MCADSC counts will be held in partnership with [company]. The deadline for enrollment is [insert deadline]. Click here for more details about the process! 


  • Why should I join the MCA Data Science Challenge ?
    Besides the opportunity to develop your skills in a challenging and productive environment, you will have the chance to work in close partnership with companies and thus expand your professional network. You may also incorporate your project into your BSc or MSc thesis, which will allow you to not only work on a meaningful project, but also optimise your work processes under the helpful supervision of our team. Additionally, in recognition of your efforts, you will be granted a certificate of attendance following the successful completion of the program.

  • Who is eligible to join?
    You are eligible to join if you are:

    • A BSc student enrolled in the SBWL Digital Marketing    

    • A Masters student enrolled in the WU Master Program in Marketing

  • What should I expect?
    If you’re accepted into the program, you will meet with one or more members of the MCA team – and with your corporate partner, if applicable - once a week to discuss your progress. These meetings will mostly consist of tutorials and progress reports.

  • How do I apply?
    If you wish to apply, leave us your e-mail in the box below and we’ll get in touch with you!

  • Application process
    On the [insert date] we will get in touch with you to provide you with additional information about the selection process. There is a limited number of available spots and candidates will be selected based on their ability to acquire new skills and knowledge and on their interest for the topic.

Why should I join the SM Data Science Challenge ?

Who is eligible to join?

What should I expect?

How do I apply?