Marketing and Society Interface

10. Mai 2022

In their course „Marketing and Society Interface” in the MSc Marketing program, Monika Koller and Eva Marckhgott cover various touchpoints between companies and society. In last week’s sessions, they welcomed guest speakers from diverse industries, ranging from coffee and bread over sneakers and children’s bikes to wind parks and charity. Topics discussed included sustainability, energy consumption, special target groups and much more. A big thank you to our amazing guests: Nina Ganahl (Marketing Director at Nespresso Austria), Lukas Püspök (CEO at Püspök), Bernhard Schmidt (Director Global Marketing at woom), Benjamin Smits (Founder of Effekt Footwear), Katha Häckel-Schinkinger (Head of Communications and Fundraising at Caritas Austria), Kristina Kuschnig and Alexandra Wihan (Felzl). Thanks also to our students for the great questions and discussions. 

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