Marketing 360° - Conference Days

27. März 2023

March 24 and 25 were intense days for our 4th term master students. Monika Koller and Eva Marckhgott held the Marketing 360° Conference Days and invited exciting guest speakers to the campus to discuss various topics that are important for today's society: Transportation and Travel, Analog vs. Digital, Energy Consumption, Reduce - Reuse - Recycle. 

Thanks a lot for the great insights and discussions to all our guests Tanja Babic-Debrosse (Austrian Airlines), Christian Bosch (Marketmind), Klaus Pohn, Gerhard Mittermaier and Stefan Radlgruber (VÖW - Verband österreichischer Werbemittelhändler), Markus Lust (Loop), Alexander Zauner (Business Gladiators, JKU Linz), Johannes Mayer (E-Control), Markus Petruch (FH Salzburg), Michaela Pelzmann (Vossen), Matthias Neitsch (Repanet). 

And thanks to our students for their smart questions and thoughts.

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