Possession, Ownership and Property

This page is devoted to the topic of possession, ownership and property. Below you can find information about the POP Collection, the WU matters. WU talks. event "MEINS WIRD DEINS - Güter wechseln ihre Besiter*innen" and exciting findings to relevant questions on ownership. This site will be updated regularly to provide the latest insights on the topic.

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The POP ("Possession, Ownership and Property") collection contains some of the most important scholarly contributions on possession, ownership and property. It spans numerous disciplines and theories, from anthropology to psychology, sociology, history, law and political science.

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Why is ownership so important for us as humans?

What does it take for people to feel ownership for their work, a brand, an organization, or even their country?

What is the difference between possession, ownership and property?

Is there a relation between sensory experiences (smelling, touching, seeing) and ownership?

Is there a relationship between happiness and ownership?

What is the relation between use of common spaces and feelings of ownership?

Can we let go? Do we still feel ownership for things that we sell to others?

What do people feel more ownership for? Their mobile phones, their cars or even their families?

Is there a link between ownership and privacy? Can we own our data?

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Was verbirgt sich hinter dem Wort "meins"?

Was passiert mit gebrauchten Gütern? Wann wird meins deins?