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We focus on management in a marketing landscape that is radically transformed by advances in information technology, online media and artificial intelligence (AI) enabled tools. These developments shape the way consumers gather information, make purchase decisions, and interact with each other and businesses. Clickstream data, social media engagements, and user-generated content constitute the proverbial “new oil” of the digital economy. In parallel, privacy concerns limit and regulate their use. Marketing analytics recognizes these challenges and helps managers and policy makers to translate them into improved decision making.

Our research is interdisciplinary with links to statistics, economics, psychology, and computer science. We leverage advanced statistical techniques, machine learning and AI tools to develop marketing models for managerial decision support. To serve the needs of our industry partners and policy makers, we balance basic and applied research.

Our students are seeking research-driven course content and wish to acquire skills in marketing research, business analytics, and decision support. We offer practice-oriented and experiential teaching formats to enable students to translate their skills into the design of effective marketing programs.

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Nita Umashankar, Hanna Kim Kihyun and Thomas Reutterer (2022), "Understanding Customer Participation Dynamics: The Case of Subscription Box", Journal of Marketing, 87(5), 719-735.


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