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Blühdorn, Ingolfur 2024 Essay: Transformationspolitik in der Falle, soziopolis


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Hausknost, Daniel, 2024, Der Krieg der Weltenretter, derstandard.at


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Dannemann, Hauke 2023. Rezension zu "Climate obstruction: how denial, delay an inaction are heating the planet" von Kristoffer Ekberg, Bernhard Forchtner, Martin Hultmann und Kirst M. Jylhä


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Sustainability Science

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Post-democracy and Post-sustainability: Emancipatory values and the reconfiguration of the democracy/sustainability nexus"

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Sustainability: Buying time for consumer capitalism

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Unsere Freiheit, unser Wohlstand Zur Krise des öko-emanzipatorischen Projekts

Blühdorn, Ingolfur. 2022. "Unsere Freiheit, unser Wohlstand. Zur Krise des öko-emanzipatorischen Projekts" In: Jahrbuch für Kulturpolitik 2021/22


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Social Movement Studies

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