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Wahl Fabian

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Fabian Wahl Dr.

Institute for Economic and Social History
Building D4 / 3rd Floor, D4.3.080
Welthandelsplatz 1,
A-1020 Vienna

Tel: +43 1 31336 / 5782
Fax: +43 1 31336 / 905782

I have a Bachelor degree (B.Sc.) in Economics and Business Administration and a Master degree in Economics both from the University of Hohenheim. I finished my studies in 2012 and then I did my PhD in Hohenheim with Prof. Sibylle Lehmann-Hasemeyer, my second supervisor was Prof. Jochen Streb from the University of Mannheim. I finished my PhD in April 2016 and remained in Hohenheim as Assistant Professor (Akademischer Rat) until October 2023. During September and October 2019 I was a Guest Researcher at the Department of Economics and Related Studies of the University of York (UK). During my studies I collected practical experiences-among others-during internships at the Federal Ministry of Economics of Baden-Württemberg (in 2009) and at the IAW (Institute for Applied Economic Research) in Tübingen. Since October 2023 I am now Assistant Professor at the WU Vienna at the Institute of Economic and Social History.

Important Publications

The Fetters of Inheritance? Equal Partition and Regional Economic Development, 2021, European Economic Review, 136(6), pp. 1-26. (with Thilo R. Huning)

The German Bank-growth Nexus Revisited: Savings Banks and Economic Growth in Prussia, 2021, Economic History Review, 74(1), pp. 204-222. (with Sibylle Lehmann-Hasemeyer)

Political Participation and Economic Development. Evidence from the Rise of Participative Political Institutions in the Late Medieval German Lands, 2019, European Review of Economic History, 23(2), pp. 193-213.

Does European Development Have Roman Roots? Evidence from the German Limes, 2017, Journal of Economic Growth, 22(3), pp. 313-349.

Research Interests

Long-run regional and urban development in Europe, origins and consequences of culture and identity for economic development, long-run legacies of ancient civilizations, origins of states and determinants of their success


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